Virtual Servers

IT Strategy

In today's IT environment, many organizations are moving their servers to the Cloud to streamline their systems and IT budget. Cloud hosting offers integrated backups, increased data security and on-demand resources to support business operations.

The Foundation

The integrity of a brick and mortar building is dependent on a solid structural foundation. Integrity in the Cloud is no different. Langtech has built and controls a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure dedicated to housing virtual servers. Leveraging enterprise class technologies, Langtech offers organizations seamless remote access to data and applications with enhanced security features that ensure reliable availability. Our clients benefit from improved data security as well as an easy-to-manage budget based on predictable monthly service fees rather than fluctuating capital expenditures.

By migrating servers to the Cloud, Langtech's clients see the following benefits:

  • Enhanced data security
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Minimal server outages
  • Ability to adapt to changing business requirements with on-demand server scalability
  • Managed budgets with a predictable service pricing model
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