Software Consulting

IT Strategy

Unlike most technology consulting companies, Langtech recognizes the importance of understanding the complete picture of an organization's IT requirements, not just the underlying infrastructure. Beyond the hardware that supports an organization, every business activity is based on creating, accessing, and linking an organization's data.

Maximizing Data

Langtech has over 25 years of experience with small, mid-size and enterprise-level software and database systems. Our consultants and database administrators are experts at designing, building and integrating data so that clients can leverage their data in the most efficient manner possible and maintain a competitive advantage.

Langtech helps its clients analyze and leverage their data by:

  • Designing and developing effective web and mobile applications
  • Developing custom management reporting and dashboards
  • Building secure systems to help share data efficiently with their suppliers and customers
  • Consolidating/linking islands of data
  • Building data warehousing and analysis tools
  • Building business intelligence systems
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