IT Strategy

IT Strategy

We understand the IT struggles a small to mid-size organization faces when there is no formalized IT budget or CTO in place. Most small organizations have one or two semi-skilled staff members—often the owners themselves—who provide the lion's share of IT planning and support. IT needs are met on an as-needed basis, which results in decreased reliability of IT services and components, increased support costs and the attendant loss of efficiency and profitability. Our clients avoid these common pitfalls by partnering with Langtech to fill their IT gap.


Technology continues to change at an exponential rate. Langtech navigates clients through the evolving IT environment and ensures they are well positioned for the future. While our clients are focusing on their core business capabilities, we at Langtech are continuously evaluating how to make a client's technical infrastructure meet their ever-changing business needs.

Langtech is comprised of a team of experts with extensive knowledge across industries and platforms. Acting in the capacity of a CIO/CTO, Langtech conducts annual strategy planning sessions and ad hoc advisory meetings to evaluate emerging technologies and the client's business evolution. Whether preparing for a new infrastructure or simply implementing best practices for maintaining security, Langtech keeps organizations running.

Langtech consulting provides strategic direction to help you:

  • Demonstrate and deliver maximum return and value for your IT investment
  • Identify how much of your IT budget is discretionary vs. nondiscretionary
  • Determine which cost components within your IT budget will change over time
  • Evaluate peer spending trends within the context of your business objectives
  • Analyze whether off the shelf or custom software is optimal to best leverage your organization's data
  • Create and test an effective Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Identify the necessary infrastructure to support stable business operations
  • Determine whether you have a comprehensive security policy in place

What our customers say

“They manage the entire IT process for us which takes a huge burden off our own people so that we can focus on our business”

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