Virtual Desktops

IT Strategy

In today's world, business is no longer only done in an office on a specific computer. Virtual Desktop technology enables employees to access a consistent work environment anywhere using any device. This technology also provides increased security, which ensures that systems and data are consistently available and not at risk.

Desktop as a Service

Moving to a Virtual Desktop results in costs savings, improved security and easy user access for maximized productivity. Organizations can leverage a monthly license model, which results in an easy-to-manage IT budget instead of unpredictable out-of-pocket expenses associated with managing and supporting hardware.

The centralized management component of Virtual Desktops decreases security vulnerabilities and the risks of servers, applications, and data being unavailable. In addition, users benefit from access to the same personalized desktop anywhere anytime rather than navigating different environments from different locations.

The benefits of Virtual Desktops:

  • Decreased capital expenditure
  • Increased security of applications and data
  • Decreased administration of IT systems
  • Simplified and stable access from any device anywhere
  • Centralized management of systems including updates, antivirus checks, etc.
  • Decreased lead-time required to create or modify desktops
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