IT Strategy

Langtech knows that strong project management is critical to the success of any project. According to findings by The Standish Group, 80% of IT-related projects are over budget, late, lack functionality or are never delivered. Langtech has a team of project managers dedicated to ensuring the on-time, on-budget delivery of projects both large and small in scope.

Full Service

In this ever changing technology environment, organizations must constantly adapt to changes. With technology now an intrinsic part of business operations, each change implemented inevitably impacts users. Langtech partners with its clients to evaluate the full impact of implementing changes in technology to ensure the least impact on productivity. Regardless of the project scope, Langtech's project experience guarantees seamless integration of new technology.

Projects can take several forms and Langtech is ready to bring all the complex elements together to deliver on your next successful project.

  • Technology Planning: Proactively identifying the best infrastructure to provide stability and management of IT costs
  • Software Development: Providing visibility of project progress while adapting to evolving needs in order to align product development with client expectations
  • Upgrades & Rollouts: Capitalizing on increasing business efficiency by updating outdated systems
  • Office Relocation: Ensuring that new office space has the necessary infrastructure in place, thereby minimizing downtime
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