IT Strategy
  • I have rarely worked with a firm that was so organized that I could count on continuously delivering function that allowed me to meet my commitments. Not only had they met their commitments but frequently identified other scenarios that might arise and suggested options between solutions that help keep us on schedule. It was truly a pleasure working with Langtech!

    Michael Skinner,
    (Large semiconductor firm)
  • The San Francisco Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, the organization responsible for the planning and execution of the 9-day public experience and Super Bowl 50 played at Levi's Stadium, partnered with Langtech to bring Super Bowl 50 to the Bay Area in 2016. Throughout our 3 year partnership, Langtech was a fantastic collaborator who were instrumental in helping us meet our IT needs across the board and achieve our goal of being the most technologically advanced Super Bowl ever! Langtech exceeded our expectations in all area's, specifically problem resolution, quick turn around, and adapting to our ever changing IT needs. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with them!

    Nicole C,
    San Francisco Superbowl Committee
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    Bill Scott

    Langtech gives us the technology and capacity of a big company.

    Bill Scott,
    Agland Investment Services
  • Langtech has demonstrated that they truly get our business at all levels. Besides keeping everything running (and within budget!), they go the extra mile to understand our specific business needs, provide high quality staff as needed, and make sure all the partners and my CFO are satisfied. Two thumbs up!

    Panorama Capital
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    Carol Wong

    We woudn't know what to do without Langtech - they always have our backs.

    Carol Wong,
    Fund Manager,
    DBL Investors
  • Landor, over the years has partnered with many firms. We have found in the people at Langtech the same commitment, reliability, and desire to stretch the limits that reflect our own approach. They have been great to partner with. Plus, they're really nice people!

    Landor Associates
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    Joy Knox

    If I have problems, they are always there and are very responsive.

    Joy Knox,
    IT Manager,
    Mohr Davidow Ventures
  • Langtech was on time, within budget, and the staff had a wealth of knowledge. Two thumbs up!

    Director of IT,
    Health Systems Design, Inc.
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    Kevin Finck

    I'm continually Impressed with their knowledge of the latest trends in our industry.

    Kevin Finck,
    Sr Partner,
    Finck & Miller LLP.
  • I'm very pleased with the way our web project turned out. You were able to implement a content management-based web structure within a very tight time frame. I'd recommend you in an instant to anyone who's developing a dynamic web site who wants it done on time and under budget!

    Western Technology Ventures
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    Maurice Werdegar

    We have incredible reliability throughout our years of experiences with them.

    Maurice Werdegar,
    Western Technology Investment.
  • Langtech's web development work has enabled us to dramatically increase our overall sales efficiency by transforming our client acquisition process and lowering our client maintenance costs. In the past year since we launched the site, we have more than doubled our customer base while maintaining a constant sales force.

    Derivium Capital
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    Rob Caccia

    One of their strengths is the ability to translate our business requirements into a technical solution.

    Rob Caccia,
    Wells Fargo
  • Langtech understands the venture environment and has introduced solutions tailored to our needs. Thanks to Langtech, Trinity has high confidence that our IT infrastructure is robust, reliable, and state-of-the-art.

    Trinity Ventures
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    Steve Pence

    Langtech provides all of our IT solutions in an efficient, timely manner at a very fair price.

    Steve Pence,
    President, US Sports,
    Nike Camps
  • Langtech is excellent, great to work with. Nothing but raves from my team- great start!

    Harding Marketing
  • You really do an amazing job for us… much appreciated!

    US Sports Camp
  • The installation of our new network server and the upgrade of our entire network system is now complete. The installation and configuration work progressed smoothly, was on time, and exceeded my expectations on all levels (I've been through system installs and upgrades before, and I want you to know that this was the best I have ever experienced, by a wide margin). I am extremely pleased with the work that Langtech has done for us. I appreciate the long hours our consultant put in on the project in order to make certain that everything was perfectly in order so that our business would not suffer unnecessary disruption. Please pass on my thanks to him, and thanks to you and Langtech for your excellent work.

    Chief Financial Officer,
    Meridian Fund, Inc.
  • Langtech been fantastic at responding quickly to our rapidly changing technology needs. We're so thankful to have you all on the Super Bowl team!

    Vice President,
    San Francisco Bay Area,
    Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.
  • I needed help after midnight. They called me back in less than 10 minutes and then resolved my issue completely. All with a great attitude. I truly appreciate it!

    SF-based Venture Capital Firm
  • We switched to Langtech because security, strong customer service, uptime, and a knowledge of how our industry can best leverage cloud services are all critical for us. Their team has been awesome and we haven't looked back!

    Todd Schneider, Partner, Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP
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