IT Strategy

Most employees have their own prefered computers and smart phones and do not want the hassle of managing a secondary device for their employer. It has therefore become commonplace for organizations to allow personal devices to be used in business operations. While this move has increased the convenience for the employee, it has also increased both the complexity of providing support and potential security threats for the organization. With a broad range of automated tools and the experience, Langtech provides its clients with peace of mind by providing solutions to maintain security and system integrity while allowing employees to keep their prefered devices.


Mobile devices that store company email and data can present a security risk to organizations. Unauthorized access to an employee's device allows access to sensitive company information in the form of emails, attachments, contact lists and the ability to send email out in the name of your organization. Therefore, company data on an employee's device needs to be carefully managed to help safeguard against company data ending up in the wrong hands. By implementing Langtech's mobile device management products, organizations are able to ensure that all devices that contain company data, whether or not company-owned, meet a minimum security level.

Langtech partners with clients to ensure mobile device security by managing:

  • Password complexity requirements
  • Email settings
  • Remote control and data wipe
  • Data encryption
  • Application control
  • Device location tracking
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