Cloud Strategy

IT Strategy

The Cloud has moved beyond a buzzword to become a crucial IT component on which most organizations rely. Organizations no longer need to invest in and maintain individual physical servers to run their IT infrastructure. The Cloud enables organizations to move past significant capital expenditures to more efficient, flexible and dependable solutions.

The Cloud is Flexibility

The Cloud is not a one size fits all solution. Different organizations from different industries have unique security, data access, and data sharing requirements that dictate the way they incorporate the Cloud into their IT infrastructure.

The advancement in security protocols applied to online data has allowed organizations to take advantage of cloud offerings. In fact, when investigating the instances of data being infiltrated maliciously, organizations that keep their servers in-house are the ones that are the most common victims.

Langtech offers virtual desktops that allow users to access the same desktop setup regardless of where they are or what device they are using. All the applications that would normally be accessed within an office are fully integrated into a virtual environment hosted in the Cloud. Organizations benefit from decreased costs and complications involved with managing today's remote workforce.

The inherent flexibility of the Cloud allows specific customization based on the unique needs of each client. Langtech's customized solutions target the specific stages of each client's cloud adoption, including the following services:

  • Cloud Applications: Migrate legacy applications to the Cloud to be accessed anywhere, anytime. Our eBusiness team can help you convert your legacy applications to cloud-based and mobile applications.
  • Co-location of Servers: Move your physical hardware from your office to Langtech's co-locations space and have the peace of mind that your servers are secure in a managed environment.
  • Cloud Hosted Servers: Take advantage of a simple monthly service model with complete management of servers in the Cloud.
  • Virtual Desktops: Simplify how employees work by providing secure, reliable and consistent access to cloud and legacy applications and data across any device.
  • Software Applications: Off-the-shelf solutions are often less efficient. Langtech builds customized CRM, e-commerce or portal applications tailored to your specific needs. Our applications are simple to access via an internet browser or mobile device.
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