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DSN: iOS - Critical Security Patch for Pegasus Vulnerability


A security vulnerability was identified in versions of iOS 9.3.4 and lower. The attack, known as Pegasus (also referred to as Trident), can allow access to an iOS device to install spyware, being capable of monitoring messages, calls, emails, as well as various third party applications such as Facebook and Skype, and can even gain access to your camera.

Affected Devices

  • All iOS devices, including iPads, iPod Touch, and iPhone running iOS 9.3.4 and lower


Update to the latest version of iOS 9.3.5

  • Tap the Settings app on your iOS device
  • Tap General, then Software Update
  • Tap Install Now or download the update first and then install
  • The process could take up to a half hour depending on your connection speed
  • If your device asks you, please plug it into a power source to complete the update

Additional Information

You can find additional information here:

Langtech Best Practice Recommendations

As Langtech's recommend security policy, all updates from manufacturers should be applied as soon as possible to mitigate any risks of potential threats and exposure to data loss/theft.

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